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Steven Webb
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Full Schedule

Module 1 - Stillness


Mon 1 Oct

Introduction to 5 Simple Practices - FBLIVE45 Minutes

Live introduction covering what will happen over the next 3 weeks and how you can maximise the benefit of this unique opportunity.


Tue 2 Oct

What is Inner Peace? - VIDEO + MP320 Minutes

Discover what it means to live with inner peace, how it will affect your life, as well as those around you. Followed by a guided meditation to give you a taste of what it means to live from a place of peace.


Wed 3 Oct

Moving beyond Our Filters - VIDEO20 Minutes

How your filters affect everything in your life. Guided meditation so you can experience opening these filters.


Thu 4 Oct

Expanding Your Awareness - VIDEO + MP320 Minutes

What is it like to expand our awareness, and how it will change your life. Guided meditation to give you the experience of what this open awareness feels like.

Module 2 - Sleep and Energy


Fri 5 Oct

How does a good night sleep sound? FBLIVE20 Minutes

A good night sleep will give you the energy to enjoy life. An introduction to and how you can have the best nights sleep of your life. Access to my sleep meditation, that is enjoyed by nearly 500,000 people worldwide.


Sat 6 Oct

Prepare Your Bedroom For Sleep - VIDEO + MP315 Minutes

What practical steps can you take to prepare your bedroom to increase the chances of not only falling asleep quicker but staying asleep. This will be the first exercise.


Wed 3 Oct

Prepare Your Body For Sleep - VIDEO10 Minutes

3 really simple ways to prepare your body for the best nights sleep.


Thu 4 Oct

How the Special Forces Go to in under 2 Minutes - VIDEO15 Minutes

The tricks that the professionals all over the world use to fall asleep quickly. Plus many more, it is guaranteed that one of these tricks will have you sleeping in under 2 minutes.

Module 3 - Mindfulness

Day 9

Tue 9 Oct

Mindfully Present Is the Gift in Itself FBLIVE30 Minutes

The next simple practice is learning to be mindful. You've heard of mindfulness, but what is it all about and how do we bring it to the storms of life so you no longer end up regretting reacting in a certain way.

Day 10

Wed 10 Oct

Discovering the External You - VIDEO + MP320 Minutes

Everything out there is an extension of you, on day 10 we are going to look at how we connect with this external world while remaining calm in the face of anything.

Day 11

Thu 11 Oct

Transcending Your Thoughts And Emotions - VIDEO + MP320 Minutes

Unless you've discovered a way to stay alive and get rid of any thoughts and emotions, then we better make friends with them. Meanwhile, who wants to get rid of all thoughts and emotions?

Day 12

Fri 12 Oct 2018

Being Mindful In the Storm - VIDEO20 Minutes

The storms of life happen, how do we stay with the stillness in the face of seemingly impossible challenges of life?

Module 4 - Gratitude

Day 13

Gratitude Is What Makes the Difference FBLIVE30 Minutes

How living with a simple gratitude practice can completely transform your search for happiness, and remove that longing that never satisfies.

Day 14

Sun 14 Oct

Morning Gratitude Practice - VIDEO + MP320 Minutes

A short morning ritual, that will set you up in a positive feeling of gratitude for the rest of the day.

Day 15

Mon 15 Oct

Bringing Gratitude To Your Difficult Times - VIDEO20 Minutes

How do you turn around those difficult times and use the strength that you gained through the growth as a result? It's time to flip the switch, and use those times to build your future.

Day 16

Tue 16 Oct

Bringing Gratitude To Every Aspect of Our Lives - VIDEO20 Minutes

It is great to be grateful when things are going well, however how do you bring this high energy to the rest of your life.

Module 5 - Moving On

Day 17

Wed 17 Oct

Accepting and Letting Go FBLIVE30 Minutes

Now it's time to let go of everything you've learned. Just kidding, however we now learn to hold things in a way that they do not drag us down.

Day 18

Thu 18 Oct

Finding Happiness without the Search - VIDEO 20 Minutes

It is time for you to be happy, it won't happen while you are still searching.

Day 19

Fri 19 Oct

Forgiving and Letting Go - VIDEO + MP320 Minutes

This is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. It's also one of the most bravest and courageous as well as vulnerable things you can do. However, I promise it is one of the most freeing and incredible gifts you can give to yourself.

Day 20

Sat 20 Oct

Accepting and Embracing Change - VIDEO10 Minutes

Things will change. Although it feels like we're doing the same thing day in and day out, when you look back 10 years you realise how much everything is changed. It is the only permanent thing that exist. We'd better get used to it.

Final Day Party

Day 21

Sun 21 Oct

Putting It All Together and Final Q and A Session - FBLIVE60 Minutes

This is just the beginning, let's all get together share our experiences and where we go from here. I'm excited to find out what you are all going to do with your lives with this new stillness and knowledge that no matter what happens in your life you are prepared.

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