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Get My New Book The Moving Road – START your own Journey to SUCCESS in 4 simple steps.

The Moving Road - Self Help Book

The Moving Road

START your own Journey to SUCCESS in 4 simple steps.

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Isn’t this just another typical goal seeking book?

Yes, it looks at goals, the steps for success haven’t changed in the hundreds of years. However, the psychology behind how to put the odds in your favour has.

The book contains:

  • Very brief introduction about me.
  • My take on success.
  • The one thing everybody wants.
  • How the brain works and why success eludes many people.
  • The science behind your habits and why you keep doing the same thing when it is not what you desire.
  • All explained in a way anybody can understand.
  • Finally section 3 break down the process of finding your purpose and life goals and how to start achieving them, today.

After spending 20 years trying anything to create that big break, meanwhile waiting for the next pay rise or the lottery win that would set me free. Turning 40 took me by surprise, all the dreams I had as a child hadn’t happened. I was going to be an architect, millionaire, traveler as well as build my own house and married with a wonderful family.

What the hell happened? Life… Life happened, almost like I left school and got straight into a taxi of which I had no control, occasionally it would stop other nice time but it was only ever temporary.

Who was this driver?

My subconscious mind, the all knowing all controlling part of every human that will consume every bit of time you have. It can drive you to your destination without you knowing, it will react without allowing you to think, it believes everything it knows is fact and it won’t allow you to question anything, it has no moral compass to know right from wrong all it has to go on is what you have done previously. It does everything based on your previous habits.

In my book I explain why this happens, if you want to change your life it’s important you understand the science behind what you do. I explain it in a simple way because it is the only way I understand it. Unless your neurologist you really don’t need to know the chemical make up of a neuron. Just how we store and retrieve information, knowing this gives us the ability to question ourselves which of course is widely believed to be the beginning of wisdom.

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