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Group and Private Coaching

Private and Group Coaching

As a general rule I no longer take on individual private clients, I have found the group coaching along with the one-on-one sessions to benefit everybody.

Join my 6-8 week coaching programme where I take up to 10 people through a process of personal growth that helps them to find peace of mind, live happier and have the tools to deal with life when the unexpected happens.

Some of the benefits

  • You’ll feel more confidence.
  • You’ll deal with situations without regretting them later.
  • You’ll recognise your habitable behaviour.
  • You’ll develop a ‘lifelong’ practice that suits your needs and time restraints.
  • You’ll understand your baseline of happiness and enjoy life from there.
  • You’ll gain control over your emotions.

What does it involve?

It will be online using a private Facebook group, Zoom conferencing technology and Skype.

Private – One on One with me.

  • 30 minutes consultation (Free see if and how this will benefit you).
  • If joined a private experience of the true self (60 minutes).
  • Extra private after week 4 (30-40 minutes).


  • Q and A video.
  • Group call – check-in and discussion about the week’s practice. 60 – 90 minutes.
  • Video and practice of the week.


  • Week 1 – Introduction and getting started.
  • Week 2 – Establishing your own practice.
  • Week 3 – Slow way down, who are you?
  • Week 4 – Discovering our true nature.
  • Week 5 – What next? From this new understanding, how are you going to show up?
  • Week 6 – Slowly going forward in real world.

All group calls will be recorded and privately available to the group if you miss one. Every Monday a new video will be available with some insights and that weeks practices.

Cost $460 (If own ‘How to Take Control of Your Life‘ I will discount hat cost.)

Next round starts 21 November 2016 (will go extra couple weeks as it’s Christmas)


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Do I need to show my face in the private consultation and experience?

Yes, it is important that I can see the transmission between us so you get the full understanding of the teaching. A recording is optional and totally up to you.

What do you mean by private consultation and experience?

The consultation is to see whether you are right for the course.  It is a commitment on your part as well as mine and very important that you have a growth mindset as well as open to changing your life. It’s not about hanging out with me, it’s about changing our lives so we can live the way we wanted to.

The experience is based on the Mondo Zen process so you can get a true understanding of our true nature below all the noise, opinions, beliefs and emotions that very often control us. Just understanding is not good enough. You need to have the experience to fully understand the process to have any kind of permanent change.

Is there a refund guarantee?

Yes, if this course does not make a significant difference in your life and provided you take part actively in the practices and the group calls I will give you 100% of the money back. No guilt trip, no questions asked. Although, for future reference it would be nice to know the reason so I can improve the course for future clients.

What if I miss a week?

That’s okay,  you are not signing up to a prison sentence.

What if something goes wrong and I cannot complete the course?

We can talk about it and sort something out. Nothing is written in stone.

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What do I need to take part in the course?

Apart from a willing to change, an open mind and your commitment to your future and the group. You will require Internet access via a mobile or computer. In short, if you can watch videos online and have a WebCam you can take part.

How often are these group coaching run?

Every 3 months. There is a 4-week gap between starting a new group to make sure the relationship between the individuals and the group come to a close and they are looking to the future.

Can I take part again in the future?

Yes absolutely, if there is room that will not be a problem.

Is it limited to a certain number?

Yes. 10, this enables the greatest change without splitting my time to thinly between the group.

Can I choose not to go on camera in the group calls?

Yes, absolutely. You can even join by telephone. You can even just listening and not take part in the discussion. However, the group calls are quite an important part of reducing fear and rebuilding the person beneath the noise that’s got frightened to show up.

How important is the group to each other?

As much as my narcissism would like to say I am the important one. The group is incredibly important and I suspect many will become lifetime friends through the process. Something magic happens when we start hanging out with like minded people.