7 Days Meditation Course

This is a 7 day introduction to meditation course.

  • 7 videos
  • 7 guided meditations

This is for you if…

  • You want to deepen your meditation practice.
  • You have never meditated but want to start.
  • Your mind starts racing the moment you start meditating.
  • You struggle with focus during your meditation practice.
  • You don’t feel you are getting the full benefit from meditation.
  • You are not sure if it is the right meditation practice you are doing.
  • You have doubts whether meditation is working.

Skill level – Beginner to enthusiast.

It does not matter if you’ve never meditated before, or you are a regular. This is an introduction to meditation and there is always something we can learn.

This is primarily the perfect course if you are new, and want to understand and practice meditation in the traditional way to get a deeper insight and understanding of the process. Rather than just meditate, and hope that something moves within us.

Why is it free?

Good question, because it is an introduction.

You can if you choose and you get a lot of benefit from this free course, join the Your Inner Peace Academy in which you will get direct contact with me several times a week to help you guide through developing your meditation and spiritual practice.

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I will send you an email with it attached, and a download link so you can read it on the go.

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