The Healthy Mommy Movement – Free Gift

The Healthy Mommy Movement – Free Gift

The perfect guided timeout for stressed mums

”The Healthy Mummy Movement” Healthy Home, Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child…

I love this idea, and I have loved being part of the summit.

Here’s the thing, a good child that never pushes the boundaries, sits in the corner really quiet and does not challenge anyone or themselves do not make a great adult. Should be seen and not heard. Stop the tears and man-up.

When I hear words like this I shudder with fear and anger. It is no wonder there is so many adults that feel suppressed, fear crying, and find it difficult to speak up.

Yes, as a mum with all of the pressures of modern living it would be so nice to have that ‘good’ child occasionally.  However, they are only a child for around 1/6 of their lives.

It is not good children we need, it is strategies and systems in place that enable a child to grow healthily with a healthy emotional freedom.  While we remain calm with emotional wisdom to show them they can have healthy control over their emotions.

Virtually everything a child learns is through observation and feelings.  What you do, what you are, and how you respond or react to a given situation is what they remember.  Not, what you tell them.  One of the biggest myths of all time and something I still here today is that children will follow this advice ‘follow what I preach, not what I do.’

Children will follow what you do, and ignore what you preach.  Consider how many times you have taken someone’s advice and follow through?  The only time you may do it is if you are forced, or you feel emotionally it is the right thing to do.

You want less stress, a little inner peace.  You have to find it, it is not something we can expect to get from the children.  They have a whole heap of problems, and your inner peace is not one of them.

So, to help you with this here is my free gift.  Guided Beach Meditation.

This guided meditation is perfect

If you’ve never meditated or if you are an experienced meditator it’s the perfect little timeout.  No pressure of focusing on your breath!

Let’s face it, the most amazing children in the world know exactly how to push their mums to the limit.

So, let’s be ready when they do.  Let’s respond with emotional wisdom, and show them what it feels like to have healthy control and real freedom to experience all of life’s desires and adversities without becoming a train wreck.

Much love, Steven

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Your Gift

Guided Beach Meditation

10 Minutes – Steven Webb

Just sit back, make yourself comfortable and click play.  Although it is better with headphones it certainly is not needed.

Your BONUS Gift

Deep Sleep Meditation

60 Minutes – Steven Webb

What mum does not need a good night sleep? Just relax, put this on the side the bed on your phone.

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