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5 Ways Being Near the Ocean Can Heal Us

For many of us, the ocean is a place we turn to for healing, peacefulness and clarity. The tides attract us and beckon us to sit by the shore, to plan vacations around sailing, diving

Feeling exhausted, helpless and lack motivation?

Feeling exhausted, helpless and lacking confidence. You desperately want to do something with your life. Any motivation or energy you had seems to have fucked off to a sunny destination without you. What happened? How

Happiness what is it

How to find your happiness in 3 minutes!

Happiness, what is it? Where is it? Can I have some of it…? Wait, wait… slow down. Don’t skip! It’s right here… YES!  It’s in the mundane, the normal, going to work, the dishes, taking

How to find your line of happiness

Everybody has this line of happiness. Or at least that’s what I like to call it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned above everything else, it’s that life is a balancing act between clinging to

Peace of mind

5 Ways to get Peace of Mind Right Now

Before we talk about how to gain peace of mind, perhaps we should look at what peace of mind is. Although we all have a slightly different definition there is a universal form of peace