When is Steven Webb next live?

My Weekly Live Show

Next show starts in
[countdown date=2018/10/25-16:00:00 period=7][timer][/countdown]

When is it?

Every Friday 4 PM UK/11 AM Eastern and here’s a little handy countdown.

What is it all about?

It’s all about our inner peace, and creating a new perspective. Helping you to navigate those more difficult times in life without you having to suffer too much. Over the 60 minutes I will have guests, catch up with my existing clients, jokes (really terrible jokes). A small meditation, and anything that lightens your day.

Where and how can I watch it?

It is live on my Facebook page – Your Inner Peace Guide – Steven Webb

Will it be available to watch after the live?

You bet, absolutely. Head over to the page linked above and you will see all the previous shows.

Live in Inner Peace Academy

Monday - [countdown date=2018/11/12-16:00:00 period=7][dhmtimer][/countdown]

Wednesday - [countdown date=2018/11/14-16:00:00 period=7][dhmtimer][/countdown]

Friday - [countdown date=2018/11/16-19:00:00 period=7][dhmtimer][/countdown]

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