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Replace Stress and Anxiety with Inner Peace, Love and Harmony

What is Inner Peace Academy

In short, it is a members only area for you if you want a little more iiner peace in your life. Leave behind all the anxiety, frustration and move to a place of peace and harmony within.

How does it work?

The journey within is not an easy one, it is paved with some painful moments and to stay on track we need guidance. That is what I provide to each and every member.

How do I do this?

With monthly teaching and resources that you can use at any time you need them. All at no extra cost.

  • Live monthly teaching.
  • Live guided meditations.
  • Recorded guided meditations.
  • Recorded affirmations.
  • Complete online courses.
  • Personal and spiritual growth videos.
  • A dedicated group area where we can help each other along.
  • with a lot more coming in 2018.

What if I’m not happy after I joined?

You can leave at any time, cancel your membership or just pause it temporarily. Within the first month there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

How will I benefit from being a member of the Inner Peace Academy?

You will start to enjoy more freedom, openhearted kindness and develop a sense of compassion and understanding.

This will have an amazing impact on your life because you will start to overcome your fears, remove any shame or guilt you may be living with. It will allow you to move from pushing and grabbing hold of what we do like and we don’t like and accept things for the way they are.

The impact from within is huge, and it also benefits every aspect of your life including your relationships, career and your family life.

If you are having any doubts.

Take up the trial for $1 for 30 days. You can cancel any time, and I will also refund the $1.

Start Living Free from Stress, Frustration, and Tiredness.

Start living your purpose, getting a good nights sleep, and taking control of your life.

What you get

All My Online Courses (Value $360)
Motivation and Personal Growth Videos
Monthly Live Training
Guided Meditations
Private Facebook Group
more added every month…

What benefits do you get?

If you've suffered enough, and you want to get rid of your stress and anxiety then my online courses, meditations, affirmations, live teaching and videos are perfect for you.

Online Courses

All current and new courses are available to members at no extra cost.

How to Take Control of Your Life

In this course you will find out exactly how you become who you are today. It will get you a deeper awareness of the truth and what is relative truth.

A true life changer.

Over 40 videos, perfect for binging!

Mastering The 5 Simple Practices for Peace of Mind

In this 5 week course you will learn the 5 simple practices that you can implement into your life that will free you from anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, and stress.

Recorded Affirmations

Professionally recorded in a studio environment.


Plus many more… and more added every week.

Guided Meditations

A meditation for every occasion, need more energy, time out, more sleep, or restore your true self.

More added every month.

Mindfulness, restore your true self, energy booster, deep sleep and many more.


12 Minutes | Enjoy a little mindfulness whenever you need a little time out.

Restore Your True Self

12 Minutes | Remember the courageous, fearless, compassionate child within? Time to bring them back!

Energy Booster

7 Minutes | Mid afternoon, energy has just left the room and you have need it back.

Deep Sleep

60 Minutes | Struggling to get to sleep, then wake up 2 hours later? Here is your answer.

Plus many more…

Personal Growth Videos

Whether you're struggling with something or just needing some advice there are plenty of videos to help.
Plus many more… and more added every month.

Change your life starting today!

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you are unhappy in any way, or don’t think you’re getting value for money message me and without any hassle your money will be returned.


Save yourself $50
  • All Online Courses
  • 5 Simple Practices ($147)
  • Take Control of Your Life ($87)
  • All Guided Meditations
  • All Guided Videos
  • Videos and Meditations
  • added weekly
  • Private Facebook Group
  • My Private Email
  • 60% OFF One on One Calls


Save money and never pay again
  • All Online Courses
  • 5 Simple Practices ($147)
  • Take Control of Your Life ($87)
  • All Guided Meditations
  • All Guided Videos
  • Videos and Meditations
  • added weekly
  • Private Facebook Group
  • My Private Email
  • 60% OFF One on One Calls