Positive Money Affirmations

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Remove those mental blocks so you can attract the abundance of money you really want in life. See details for more.


If you would like more money, more abundance in life this is the perfect affirmation series for you.

What is special about these affirmations?

Well, people enjoy my voice. But that’s not what is so special. You will receive 2 versions of each affirmation you purchase.

Headphones version – These have binaural beats that are almost inaudible however they will help your brainwaves get into the perfect state for receiving the subconscious affirmations.

Speakers version – These have isochronic tones and are similar to binaural beats but you do not need headphones for it to work.

All these affirmations have been recorded professionally in a studio environment.

What are affirmations?

Simply put they are repeated phrases that sink into the subconscious mind until they become part of your belief system. We use them unknowingly every day. We might say to ourselves ‘I cannot do this’ or ‘I am no good at..’

We can use the same learning system to have a positive impact on our lives.

The quickest and easiest way is to use short but to the point recorded affirmations.


I am a survivor, meditation and mindfulness coach. I have a stepdaughter and live in sunny Cornwall, UK. I broke my neck at the age of 18 which left me paralysed from the chest down with limited our movement.