Why you will never find happiness

Why you will never find happiness

For many years I just wanted to be happy. Is that too much to ask? I’m sure you’re no different, the pursuit for happiness is present in everybody.Isn’t it quite reasonable to have a few little comforts that make us feel alive, secure, and happy. I wrote a blog a while ago ‘Why I’m Giving up My Search for Happiness‘ and it has been on my mind the last few days. Did I really give up this search for happiness? No, not really. I thought working on my spiritual journey and being told to let go of the search...

3 Ways to Find Happiness RIGHT NOW!!

3 Ways to Find some happiness

How is that search for happiness going? If you are anything like me you might describe it as ongoing; it is a constant search for something that is going to make us feel better. We spend so much time grabbing onto something we want next, the ever present desires that we think will lift our spirits, even if just temporarily. When I turned 40 everything in my life changed overnight. I was suddenly single, fed up and at an all-time low. Just getting through each day had become a huge challenge. I was glad to get back into bed so...