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Who is Steven Webb?

Steven Webb is the host of the podcast Living Deeper Lives.

Steven wrote the book Finding Your Inner Peace and Choosing Nothing coming out later in 2020.

Steven is also the creator of Your Inner Peace Academy which provides the tools, teaching, and necessary guidance for you to find your inner peace and take control of your life during difficult times.

Steven broke his neck at 18, which left him severely paralysed, unable to walk and needing 24-hour care for the rest of his life. This alone makes him unique among spiritual teachers with the depth and heartfelt wisdom to live from real inner peace no matter how difficult your circumstances may be.

Steven’s adversity did not end after breaking his neck, he has also suffered from loneliness, depression, bankruptcy, being cheated on, and losing family and close friends to suicide.

However, Steven story is not one of sympathy but one of triumph against the odds. Steven now helps people all over the world find their inner peace, their own wings to live their purpose and with an inner freedom that no one can take away from them.

Steven believes there is a gift and everything, although sometimes we must look a little harder.

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