Book a Call with Steven

You may have got here from me inviting you to take a virtual coffee with me or book a call. I have to pause them for the moment. I have become Mayor of Truro, and because of the time constraints and my already quite a busy calendar, the virtual copies have to take a back door for the moment.

You can still book a call with me, but please do it via contact me, and we can arrange it together.

Coffee and Introductory Chat

15 minute chat over a coffee or beverage of your choice. Great way to have an introductory call or to catch up with me. No cost.

Coaching Call

45 minute coaching call, this can be used if you are a current client or we've never met and ideal to deal with the current issue that is causing particular suffering that you would like clarity and focus to be able to move forward. Cost $45

60 Minute Call

Book this 60-minute call if you have been asked.

Would you like my

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