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3 Ways to Deal with Overwhelming Emotions

We all struggle with our emotions. A two-year-old has a tantrum because they cannot have something they want in that moment. And equally, a 40-year-old will struggle with feelings of anger over a situation they cannot control.

What’s the difference?

I remember back when I was around six years old, my parents were being incredibly unreasonable and stopping me walking 3 miles alone to the gas station to claim my free Smurf toy. At the time when you refuelled the car you would be given tokens which you could then trade in for little Smurf characters. They were amazing, I already had 10 and I wanted another.

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3 Meditations to Help on Tough Days

Thank you, Just sent you an email with the link so you’re never without it. I’d love to hear from you. What are you currently struggling with? Here’s my email address which comes directly

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Women taking the lead with Jodi Flynn

Who are you, and where do you work? My name is Jodi Flynn and I am a leadership coach working with small business owners and corporate executives on their soft skill: self-awareness, communication, relationship-building, and

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How to be true to yourself

Yesterday I spent the day in the primary role of dad. It was my daughter Kember’s 18th birthday, so I took her and some of her friends ice skating at The Eden Project. Kember is

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Brilliant, it's time to say goodbye to anxiety!

My newest meditation is a journey through nature, combined with powerful affirmations that will start working immediately.

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I respect your privacy, I will only email my weekly wisdom to help you find inner peace. You can opt-out at any time, every email will have a link at the bottom for you to do this. Plus, I will honour it, unlike others. Any questions email me
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