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Here’s your chance to engage directly with me by asking any question you’re curious about. Whether it’s related to meditation, Buddhism, the challenges of life, or the nuances of your personal practice—feel free to ask. I’m equally open to discussing my own experiences, if you’re interested.

If you have a question about your own life and seek insight from my vantage point, I’d be honored to share my perspective. You have the option to remain anonymous, but if you’re comfortable with it, I can also acknowledge you by name during the podcast.

This is an open invitation, granting you complete freedom to inquire about anything—serious or whimsical. While I can’t promise to have an answer for every question, I’ll do my utmost to provide thoughtful and meaningful responses.

Providing context for your question will aid me in offering a more nuanced and insightful answer, so please consider sharing any relevant details.

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