Calm in Current Chaos

My 15-minute Calm in Current Chaos coaching sessions provide immediate, focused support when you need tools to manage pressing anxiety, emotional distress, or challenging situations in the moment.

These abbreviated sessions allow us to troubleshoot whatever urgent issue or “storm” you are facing right now. I will listen compassionately and then offer tailored techniques to:

  • Diffuse racing, worried thoughts
  • Get unstuck from spiraling emotions
  • Regain perspective amid confusion
  • Release tension in your mind and body
  • Find your center and anchor in stillness
  • Access inner wisdom and strength
  • Leave with an action plan for the next right step

Whether you are dealing with a sudden panic attack, unexpected bad news, conflict, or any other intense stressor – I can provide timely assistance. My goal is simple: to help you find calm within the current chaos.

I can provide timely support for challenges like:

  • Processing sudden bad news, such as a job loss or breakup
  • Navigating painful transitions, like divorce or bereavement
  • Managing unexpected panic attacks or anxiety flares
  • Coping with trauma triggers or stressful situations
  • Facing a crisis of faith or difficult crossroads
  • Overcoming resistance to make a needed change
  • Handling relationship conflicts skillfully
  • Regulating intense anger, grief, or other emotions
  • Alleviating a feeling of being completely overwhelmed
  • Getting unstuck from cycle of overthinking
  • Finding hope in the midst of despair

No matter the specific circumstance, I offer a non-judgmental space to process challenging moments with mindfulness and self-compassion. My goal is to equip you with emotional tools so you can navigate whatever arises.

Sessions are available on short notice based on availability. Please see the calendar to schedule or contact me if you need immediate support.

Though brief, our time together will give you tools to return to equilibrium. You’ll walk away grounded, focused, and more confident in your ability to skillfully ride out any storm.

With compassionate presence, I’m here to help you cultivate stillness and clarity – even for just 15 minutes – when you need it most.

These sessions are paid for at time of booking and cost $45. They very often last longer than 15 minutes, unless it’s particularly lengthy and normally would not occur any extra cost. I will let you know in the session if there are any extra cost. Never have charged extra yet!

If there is not anything available on the link above, please feel free to message me I pick up my emails twice a day and there may be still something I can do.


Please note my services do not replace professional mental health care. For moderate to severe conditions, I recommend seeking a licensed therapist. My goal is to assist you in finding more peace and stability during life’s challenges.

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