Embracing the Journey Coaching

My 45-minute Embracing the Journey coaching sessions provide ongoing support as you navigate life’s challenges and grow your inner wisdom, resilience, and peace over time.

I specialize in helping those who struggle with busy minds, overthinking, and finding stillness. My goal is to guide you into living wholeheartedly, with courage and grace, no matter what arises.

Together we’ll work to:

  • Process adversity and emotional distress with self-compassion
  • Develop tools to manage anxiety, racing thoughts, overwhelm
  • Build unshakable inner resilience, even amid darkness
  • Achieve clarity and personal breakthroughs
  • Establish mindfulness and fulfillment in the present moment
  • Approach experiences with openness and wisdom

While I’m not a licensed mental health professional, my coaching can complement professional treatment for mild to moderate: anxiety, PTSD, racing thoughts, overwhelm, fatigue, stress, insomnia.

I also add a unique view to developing a meditation practice that works in everyday life, even if you think you cannot meditate.

I meet you where you are with judgement-free support. My coaching enhances mental calm and emotional regulation. This solid inner foundation allows you to navigate life’s journey with trust, poise and meaning.

If living wholeheartedly, with healthy empathy and compassion to enjoy life to the full resonates, then let’s do this. Time to experience everything that life has to offer in the best way possible.

Before CoachingAfter Coaching
Overwhelmed by racing thoughtsMind calmer, thoughts diffuse
Struggle to make decisionsDecide with clarity and confidence
Feel lost in darkness of despairHope and meaning emerge from pain
Numb to emotions and needsIn touch with needs and feelings
Dislike parts of yourselfAccept yourself with compassion
Anxious about the futureEquanimity and presence for what is
Cannot sit still to meditateMindful in motion throughout your day
Ignore signs of burnoutRestore balance and nurture wellbeing
Doubt ability to handle adversityDraw strength from inner resilience
Disconnect from joy and inspirationFilled with gratitude and creativity

If you already know my Embracing the Journey coaching is the right fit for you, schedule your first session now. Each session costs $85, if you want to book 6 sessions they will be $360 ($55 each) please contact me above. If any questions please message, or book a 15 minute session below.

If you are unsure, book a free 15-minute introductory session with me with no obligation whatsoever. This is simply a chance to get to know each other and assess if my style of coaching resonates as a potential support for you at this time in your life.

There is absolutely no hard selling or pressure during these free sessions. It is an opportunity to make sure we are a good match before making any commitment.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Please note my services do not replace professional mental health care. For moderate to severe conditions, I recommend seeking a licensed therapist. My goal is to assist you in finding more peace and stability during life’s challenges.

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