Happiness IS a state of mind! Let me explain why

Happiness IS a state of mind! Let me explain why

When I was around seven years old, I would visit my grandparent’s farm most weekends. The front of the bungalow had a large area with banks and slopes perfect for playing. I remember finding an old bike on the farm and pushing it up the side, carefully balancing it on the top of the slope while getting on and then I would free wheel down the slope and try to go as far as I could without falling off.

After days of repeating this same action for hours upon hours, I got to the stage that I could ride the bike around the side of the bungalow by peddling after the bike slowed down before running out of steam.

I remember constantly thinking about what life would be like once I’d mastered ride that bike. When I woke up, eating breakfast and going to bed, there was nothing else on my mind apart from how my life would finally be perfect the moment I could ride a bike.

I don’t think I have ever woke up since that time and thought ‘yes, I am so happy, and my life is brilliant because I can ride a bike.’ Of course, I couldn’t ride a bike now if I tried because of my disability. However, the point is that so often we believe happiness is just around the corner.

So, is happiness as simple as a state of mind?