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About Steven Webb

Hi, I’m Steven Webb, creator of the Inner Peace Academy. The academy offers individuals who are seeking inner peace a safe space online where you are given the opportunity to experience the freedom to be fully yourself, free from judgement, while working together towards instilling that peace within you.

I have now received global recognition and have clients all over the world who I assist in their quest for inner peace using a combination of effective meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as offering one-to-one private coaching.

Following a diving accident that went horrifically wrong, I subsequently found myself paralysed from the neck down at the age of 18. My misfortune did not end there, and after facing bankruptcy, the discovery that my partner had cheated on me, the loss of my best friend and losing what felt like almost everything, I then began my laborious journey back to myself. Through time and hard work, I succeeded in finding my inner peace and now manage to live a life with freedom beyond anything that held me back. My goal is to help you do the same.

Steven is the creator of Your Inner Peace Academy which provides the tools, teaching, and necessary spiritual guidance for you to find your stillness ready for anything that comes your way.

Because of Steven’s background and his lifelong struggles, Steven is unique among teachers and what he brings to the spiritual world. 27 years on from that Sunday night where his life changed completely, Steven transforms lives sometimes with as little as 30 minute conversation.

Steven’s background of struggles range from attempting suicide even prior to his accident, bankruptcy, being cheated on, losing his best friend, very messy childhood divorce, and ending up severely paralysed from breaking his neck at the age of 18.

Being severely paralysed is just a fraction of what Steven Webb has been through to find his inner peace. He believes that no matter what anybody is going through there is a gift. Sometimes it’s a little hard to see it, but it still exist. With the right guidance, anybody in any adversity from any adverse childhood or background no matter how bad, can find their inner peace.

‘I believe a teacher should show the student to how grow their own wings, so they can soar beyond the teacher when they are ready.’ – Steven Webb

If Steven can find peace within, the kind that nobody can disturb then there is no excuse or reason why you cannot also.

Steven has immensely enriched my life with passion that comes from his heart and soul. Steven has made a valuable and important difference in my life.
Cheryl Fletcher Greening
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Brilliant, it's time to say goodbye to anxiety!

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I respect your privacy, I will only email my weekly wisdom to help you find inner peace. You can opt-out at any time, every email will have a link at the bottom for you to do this. Plus, I will honour it, unlike others. Any questions email me steven@stevenwebb.com
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