How does my podcast rank? How Podstatus Empowers My Podcast

If you have little time and want to know how your podcast ranks, then I recommend Podstatus (use this link for an extended free trial). It’s easy to use and sends daily emails about your podcast’s rankings, including which countries it’s popular in and whether it’s moving up or down, as well as by how many places.

I only recommend a product if I currently use it myself!

In the bustling world of podcasting, maintaining visibility and understanding our position in the market can be as challenging as producing content itself. That’s where Podstatus has become an indispensable tool for me. Its simplicity and effectiveness in delivering daily insights directly to my inbox are why I consider it a cornerstone of my podcasting strategy.

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Keeping an Eye on the Ball

Every day around midday, I receive an email from Podstatus. This isn’t just any email; it’s a snapshot of how my podcast, “Stillness in the Storms,” is performing across rankings and reviews in 175 countries. This daily update is a reminder of the dynamic nature of podcasting and the importance of staying consistent with content creation.

Why Podstatus?

Podstatus excels in providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand overview of your podcast’s standing. It consolidates reviews from platforms like Apple Podcasts and Podchaser and presents your podcast’s rank across various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Ivoox. Updated hourly, this data is invaluable for anyone looking to grow their audience and enhance their podcast’s reach​​​​.

Features That Stand Out

  • Automatic Review Collection: Feedback is gold in content creation, and Podstatus makes it easy to gather and analyze reviews from across the globe. This feature not only helps in understanding listener sentiment but also aids in turning this feedback into actionable insights.
  • Charts Analytics: Understanding trends over time is crucial for long-term growth. Podstatus offers detailed analytics that helps you analyze your podcast’s position over time on major platforms.
  • Rank Monitoring: Knowing where you stand daily in every country is a game-changer. This feature keeps you informed and motivated, offering insights into how well you’re connecting with your audience worldwide.
  • Daily Emails: Perhaps one of the most appreciated features is the daily email digest, providing a concise overview of your podcast’s performance, including new reviews and current rankings​​.

Pricing: Value for Every Podcaster

Podstatus offers a simple, straightforward pricing model that caters to everyone from solo podcasters to large podcast networks. With a free trial available, it’s easy to test the waters and see how this tool can transform your podcasting efforts​​.

Final Thoughts

Podstatus has transformed how I monitor and understand my podcast’s performance. It simplifies complex data and presents it in an actionable format, making it an essential tool for any serious podcaster. In a world where staying visible and relevant is key, Podstatus ensures you’re always informed and ready to take your podcast to the next level.

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