3 Ways to Grow | Why I’m so Lucky

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    Jsne - August 15, 2016

    Growing…..mines the same autoimmune diseases (chronic pain) and heartbreak, a hard life but a rewarding one, appreciating the pain because i know I’m alive, dealing with experience in a different way, I can’t hate people who hurt me, somewhere in the hurt is a gift, live life to the full, appreciate everything, love with all your heart, make friends with the pain

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      Steven Webb - August 15, 2016

      Hi Jane, yes, yes and yes. And sometimes it may hurt more, but the suffering is a lot less. Thank you so much for your comment, you are absolutely right.


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    Alexandra - October 7, 2016

    Growing with heart aches. Loving someone who doesn’t necessarily love me the same way. Let me tell you, the pain was so intense, it broke me open. And showed me different levels of myself. I listened a lot to your meditations, Stephen about miND fulness and remember that we are not our emotions. And now, it doesn’t matter anymore that my friend cannot love me. I am just happy that I have the capacity to love and still do.

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      Steven Webb - October 7, 2016

      Hello Alexandra,

      Yes, through our pain we either closed down or open up. Closing down hurts a lot more in the long run, you have found the wisdom to open up. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.


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        alexandra - October 7, 2016

        Thank you for responding so quickly. Am grateful.
        Most coach’s dont normally do that. 🙂
        Hope you dont mind, if I ask you a question or two along this journey. 🙂

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          Steven Webb - October 14, 2016

          Of course, it will be my pleasure to help if I can.


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