5 ways to Motivate yourself – Right now

So you want some motivation?

Me too, I may be paralysed from the chest down and from the outside it may seem like I have all the motivation in the world but in reality I have next to none, most days my motivation sucks!

I have to use tools and techniques to motivate myself every morning and often during the day otherwise I go back into my old habits like TV watching, Netflix binges and Facebook stalking routine which doesn’t accomplish anything. Well, except mild satisfaction liking the dancing kitten.

I wrote 80 ways to motivate, focus and get stuff done (opens new link) from all the techniques I’ve learned over the past few years and lucky you as you’re able to download it free for a short time from here – Need more motivation.

In the meantime, here are five ways or motivation techniques that I use.

1. Remember that checklist? Do not forget to tick it off!

Seeing your checklist near to completion will always work as a great boost to your confidence. If you were able to accomplish so much already, surely you can accomplish the rest of your tasks?

2. Reward yourself materially as well.

Material rewards certainly matter as well. It does not require anything extravagant, although if it is something you can afford and truly desire, then you can also promise yourself a big reward when you reach your goal.

Try to be a little creative about your rewards. You can pamper yourself with a massage, take a trip out of town, or allow yourself a night out dining in the most expensive restaurant in the area. I like my TV shows and I tend to watch at least one every night. I schedule it as my reward for getting things done. I get to watch it in peace without all those nagging voices in my head telling me what I haven’t done.

It can also be something as simple as letting yourself laze the weekend away doing nothing and enjoying other small luxuries that you usually do not have time for.

3. Motivational Videos

YouTube is full of motivational videos. I use several to push me further in exercise. Here’s one of the best, great for background if you’re working out.

4. Think of the last time you worked against all odds – and won.

You are a powerful person yet sometimes you may need to remind yourself of it. If your confidence has taken a nosedive for any reason, think back to the last time that you worked against all odds. Think of the time that no one had your back and only you had faith in yourself. Think of the time you had taken the role of an underdog – and won.

You did it then. You can do it again. Just believe!

5. Aim to be better and not perfect.

This is important, whether you like it or not you will never be perfect. If I waited until I was nearly perfect, I would never get started.

You only have to be better than you were yesterday; never lose sight of that.

Look, as you’re just reading this and I’m not the greatest writer you cannot tell easily by the tone of my voice therefore it’s just passive words. It comes down to doing something, doing something different then you continually keep doing. You are not owed anything, the whole evolutionary process is for you to reproduce and survive long enough to do that as many times as possible. The enjoyment, the desires and all the things above basic survival is up to you to go out and get it. First you need to believe, then you need to decide what you want and from that moment it is down to you, no one else. It is your wants not theirs, not the governments, not your families. They will not help you!

Confucius best motivation quote
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

My book ‘Your journey to success in 4 simple steps‘ covers how to find your desires, set goals, ways to get motivated and take action.

Doesn’t have to be big, just a phone call or tick one thing off your list.

Just do it, right now. Preferably after you’ve shared this article and perhaps commented on it! Thank you.

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If this helped you, it will help somebody else!

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