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5 Words to Improve Someone’s Life Today

As we go about our daily business see how many people you can cheer up along the way.

In return It will make you feel happier.


Just a smile can make all the difference to somebody, you also never know how far the smile gets.


It is amazing how just listening to somebody whether they are moaning or talking about something good makes them feel. But REALLY listen don’t pretend. 13 Simple Listening Tips!


We all know how we feel when somebody compliments the way we dress or our new haircut, just showing someone you notice can make a lot of difference.


Perhaps a handwritten note saying thank you, emails and electronic automatic messages just don’t cut it any more. To give something doesn’t have to be expensive or even cost anything. Anybody can give a little helping hand.


Let them have their moan, their little spotlight of being right. It really does not matter at the end of the day whose opinion is right or wrong. Be the humble one.

So there you have it 5 Words to Improve Someone’s Life Today.

Please give me your ideas on how to make someone’s life better or examples of what you have done today.

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