Stillness in the Storms Coaching

Cultivating Inner Peace to Navigate Life’s Challenges

Life can feel overwhelming and chaotic. I offer compassionate coaching to help you navigate challenges, build resilience, and embrace imperfection on your journey. My services meet you where you are, providing judgment-free support tailored to your unique needs.

I offer two types of coaching

Embracing the Journey

Ongoing 45 minute coaching sessions focused on developing inner wisdom, courage, and peace amidst both chronic and acute life challenges. We’ll work together on building emotional resilience, finding hope in darkness, and moving towards acceptance and meaning. You’ll gain clarity, while learning to trust your inner compass.

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Calm in Current Chaos

15 minute “in the moment” coaching sessions to provide immediate tools to manage pressing anxiety, overwhelm or difficult situations. You’ll receive focused support to navigate intense emotions skillfully in real time. I’ll share techniques to find stillness and regain perspective, even in the storms of life.

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My goal is to help you cultivate tranquility and grace from within. Let’s walk this path together, one step at a time.

Steven Webb

My Approach

Whether you are facing life challenges or simply seeking more purpose and presence, my coaching provides judgement-free support. I draw from my own experiences navigating hardship and finding mindfulness. Customized sessions involve active listening, meditation prompts, and strategies to meet you where you are. You’ll gain clarity and walk away with tangible practices to calm the mind and cultivate inner freedom.

Why Steven?

Steven offers a unique blend of life experience, vulnerability, and compassion. His wisdom comes not from textbooks, but from living through profound hardship and emerging with deeper purpose.

Like you, Steven has battled intense suffering and faced unthinkable adversity. His physical disability and emotional lows could have destroyed him. Instead, they became his greatest teachers. This firsthand experience with darkness allows Steven to sit with you in your pain, without judgment. He knows the simple practices that can start to pierce the fog when all seems bleak.

Yet Steven guides gently. He radiates care and understanding, creating a safe space to be vulnerable. You needn’t pretend to be fine in his presence. His calm, non-judgmental approach puts you at ease.

Steven walks with you in compassion because he has been there. He knows life’s challenges are not cured overnight. But he has tools to help you survive the valley and find meaning in the journey. With care and patience, he will support you in reconnecting to inner wisdom when you need it most.

If you yearn for a coach who won’t rush to “fix” you, but will hold space for your wholeness to emerge – Steven may be the guide you’re looking for.

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