Imagination: The Human Superpower

Imagination is something the world needs a whole lot more of.

Children have an amazing imagination, and childhood games would not be the same without that imagination. Kids are able to play almost anything, from mummies and daddies to wargames, and make believe it’s real. Have you ever stepped on an area where a child was playing with their toy cars and had them complain that you stepped on the garage? To them it was very real. Wouldn’t it be amazing to still have that? Well, you can.

Slowly, that level of imagination gets replaced by reality. Either our parents or elders tell us to stop living in a fantasy world, or we come to feel we should grow up; and that process seems to go hand-in-hand with losing our imagination, our fantasies and desires, and those people who don’t conform to that are definitely in the minority. I know in the past I have thought people with crazy imaginations were either eccentric, or they were authors.

The very few people that are able to close their eyes and imagine a world so vivid that they can feel the temperature, smell the fire and see the pictures on the walls, are the ones that deal with the real world in a way few others are able to do. They don’t live in their imaginary world, albeit from the outside it might appear they do, however they just have that cool place to go to whenever they want, and as a result they seem happier and more relaxed. It is an amazing gift that we all grow up having, but few admit to doing it and most don’t bother any more.

We should all do it. We should all take time out, close our eyes, and imagine the world we would like to live in – even if it is just temporary. Our individual perfect chillout zone.

You see, one of the most amazing things that happens between the mind and the body is that the body has no idea whether the mind is telling it the truth. If you can imagine something as real, your body will react as if it is real, because it does not know any different.  So maybe we should forget the stricture of meditation or yoga and just chill out, and for 10 minutes a couple times each day, use the superpower called ‘imagination’ we were all born with.

I have this amazing log cabin in Switzerland I visit each day.  One day I will visit it for real, because when your imagination becomes your desires, your desires become your goals, and your goals become your actions: then your imagination becomes real.

Where do you go?

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  1. The countryside / seaside! Its always a beautiful day with a clear blue sky and the warm sun is shining . . . there is a gentle breeze too. In front of me there is a green rolling hill that goes down to the strip of golden, sandy beach with crystal blue, sparking sea.

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