Affirmations for Deep Sleep: Guided Meditation

This Guided Meditation is 16 minutes
and intended to be used when you are ready to go to sleep.

Embrace a night of restful sleep with 16-minute ‘Deep Sleep Affirmations Guided Meditations.’ Let positive affirmations guide you into a state of complete relaxation and tranquility.

Struggling with restful sleep? Find comfort and tranquility with these 16-minute “Deep Sleep Affirmations Guided Meditations.”

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Affirmations for Deep Sleep: Guided Meditation 2


“Deep Sleep Affirmations Guided Meditations” is a 16-minute journey towards a restful night. Immerse yourself in soothing affirmations designed to prepare your mind and body for deep, healing sleep. This meditation is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their bedtime ritual and improve sleep quality.

List of Affirmations:

  • My bedroom is ideal for deep healing sleep.
  • My body is relaxing for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • I am relaxed and ready for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • My mind is slowing down.
  • I am feeling safe and secure.
  • My breathing is slowing down ready for deep sleep.
  • Today is already over.
  • As I drift off to sleep, my body will rest the whole night.
  • I am drifting off to sleep.
  • My mind is becoming quiet.
  • My body is falling into a deep sleep.
  • I can feel my muscles relaxing and falling to sleep.
  • I am now entering a place of deep sleep.
  • I am grateful for this comfort which is perfect for sleep.
  • My heart is grateful.
  • My mind is quiet.
  • My body is sleeping.

List of Benefits:

  • Enhances sleep quality
  • Quiets the mind and prepares the body for sleep
  • Utilizes positive affirmations for a restful mindset
  • Increases feelings of safety and comfort
  • Boosts gratitude and overall well-being

Time of Day:

Best suited for nighttime, right before you intend to go to sleep.

Difficulty Level:

Accessible to all levels. No prior meditation experience is necessary.


  • Create a tranquil environment in your bedroom.
  • Settle into a comfortable position in your bed.
  • If using headphones, ensure the cable is positioned safely away from your neck.
  • Close your eyes and absorb the deep sleep affirmations to guide you into restfulness.

Equipment Needed:

  • A comfortable bed
  • Headphones (optional, but if used, ensure the cable is safely positioned)
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