Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Your True Self

This Guided Meditation is 14 minutes
and intended to be used any time that you would like to deepen your awareness.

Embark on a 14-minute meditation journey to discover the infinite possibilities of your true self. Shed limiting beliefs and connect with your core essence of pure awareness.

Uncover your true self, beyond the limitations of beliefs and roles, and embrace the endless possibilities that await you.

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Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Your True Self 2


“Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Your True Self” is a transformative guided meditation aimed at revealing your core essence—pure awareness, untouched by societal constructs, personal beliefs, or habitual thinking. In just 14 minutes, this meditation will guide you to shed the layers that confine you, allowing you to recognise your limitless potential.

List of Benefits:

  • Helps identify and go beyond limiting beliefs
  • Reveals your true self as pure awareness
  • Opens you up to infinite possibilities for your life
  • Enhances self-acceptance and self-realisation
  • Creates a space for meaningful personal growth

Time of Day:

Suitable for any time you wish to connect with your true self and explore the infinite possibilities that come with that awareness.

Difficulty Level:

All levels. This meditation requires only a willingness to confront and go beyond your usual self-perceptions.


  • Choose a quiet space where you’ll be free from distractions.
  • Settle into a comfortable seated or lying position.
  • If using headphones, make sure the cable is safely positioned away from your neck.
  • Close your eyes and prepare to journey inward, towards the heart of your true self.

Equipment Needed:

  • A peaceful space for meditation
  • Headphones (optional, but if used, ensure the cable is safely positioned)
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