Grateful and Positive Start to Your Day: 14 Min Morning Meditation

This Guided Meditation is 14 minutes
and intended to be used in the morning shortly after you wake up.

Start your day enveloped in gratitude with our 14-minute guided meditation. Embrace a morning filled with positivity and peace, as you’re gently led through a serene forest visualization, empowering you to carry a sense of joy, strength, and calm into your day. Perfect for all levels seeking a positive, centered beginning.

Description: “Grateful and Positive Start to Your Day” is a 14-minute morning meditation designed to infuse your morning with serenity and a sense of grateful anticipation. As you are guided through tranquil natural imagery, you’ll find yourself transported to a peaceful forest at sunrise, where the stability of the earth and the freshness of the air will fill you with life’s vibrant energy. This meditation is perfect for setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

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Grateful and Positive Start to Your Day: 14 Min Morning Meditation 2

List of Benefits

  • Fosters gratitude and positivity from the start of your day
  • Grounds you with the stability and energy of the natural world
  • Reduces morning anxiety and prepares your mind for challenges
  • Encourages a sense of joy and peace to carry throughout the day
  • Strengthens mental focus and confidence with visualization
  • Enhances mindfulness and presence from the moment you wake

Time of Day

Ideal for the morning to start your day with a grounded and positive mindset.

Difficulty Level

Suitable for all levels. No prior meditation experience is necessary to enjoy and benefit from this practice.


  • Find a comfortable seated position in a quiet space.
  • Allow yourself to settle in, then gently close your eyes and begin by taking a deep breath.
  • Release any expectations or preoccupations about the day ahead.
  • Follow the guided visualizations, allowing the serene imagery to fill your senses.
  • Carry the positive energy from this meditation with you as you open your eyes and begin your activities.

Equipment Needed

  • A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
  • A comfortable cushion or chair to sit on.
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