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5 Ways to Stop Excessive Thinking

As the day goes by, more and more thoughts get stuck in our heads.  By lunchtime these thoughts are already out in full force and they will continue to multiply until finally at bedtime we cannot settle down because we have so much going on that we cannot switch off....

Tips on living happier and more positive life Yes I'm paralysed and life does suck at times, people moan and get in my face. But, it is how we respond, how we see things and ultimately how we let it affect us. Watch my video, post a comment I'm really interested in what people think....

How to conquer fear and stop playing safe

Sitting next to my bed in the spinal unit during my rehabilitation, after breaking my neck in September 1991. I was absolutely terrified, as in a couple of hours I had to make a speech. When I was asked a few weeks prior to this, it had seemed easy, without giving it...

Perspective is everything. Really?

Saturday afternoon, Tina was taking a reluctant Jake, 10, the eldest and the excited twins Sophie and Sienna aged 6 to the cinema. "Did you enjoy the movie?" Tina asked while leaving. "Not really, boring." Jake mutters with hands in his pockets, head down, scuffing...

I have a good life, why do I feel down?

When I was going through a really tough time, my rock bottom around two years ago I had so much going on inside my head there was barely any room to think let alone get through a normal day. If it wasn’t somebody wanting a piece of me it would be something I was...

Simple Meditation to restore your True Self.

From our earliest age we get exposed to so much information from how to behave to who we should be. By the time we're middle-aged we're so far from our true selves we would barely recognise a friend describing who we are. In 1955 a large Buddha statue was being moved...

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