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Unlock the power of your word

We have all asked or been asked what super power we would like and why. I would normally say invisibility or flying - I know, not very creative really.  When I asked my daughter, she wanted to shoot fire from her hands or read minds. Imagine if you had a power that...

Is gratitude the secret to happiness?

What is wrong with us? I'm serious, so many of us spend our time wishing for something better. I'm no exception, so I'm not pointing the finger here. It is just so frustratingly annoying that we sit around wishing and waiting, when we have all the tools at our...

Is your selective memory holding you back?

If I look back over my life, or at least the past 25 years, one thing becomes immediately clear: I have lived from one problem to the next, and I bet you’re the same.  Whether they are little issues or big life changing events, it is almost impossible to look back...

5 Years of John Lewis Christmas Adverts

So the new 2014 John Lewis Christmas advert is out in the UK, I'm sure my friends around the world would also appreciate watching it. It tells a brilliant story of Monty the Penguin. I've so often wrote on this blog about having the imagination of a child and the 2014...

What do you see in the mirror?

When I look in the mirror I see a crippled body, slouched over and with a fat belly. My blue jeans are normally showing my thin legs. My body is paralysed. The muscles below my waist and the lower half of my arms are wasted away, far scrawnier than they should be. My...

Your life is not a movie

Whenever we hear a story or watch a movie of how someone overcame some terrible adversity in their lives, we are inspired by their strength and their ability to endure the harshest of times. In the first five minutes of such a movie we are often introduced to the...

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