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Overcoming the Fear of Failure

While attending secondary school, I used to run cross-country and was moderately good; good enough to run for the school and my county on a

Merry Christmas

Yes, there is no escaping it is this time of year again. And I’m not going to downplay it simply because I love Christmas. I’m

How to deal with hard times

In this video I talk about my favourite quote “you never know what worse luck your bad luck saves you from” Cormac McCarthy. More importantly,

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness seems to be the new buzzword around the Internet and it is even creeping into everyday life like some new fad that is going

Where does happiness come from?

Now, the answer to this question is easy. It comes from within, that deeper heartfelt knowing that everything is okay just the way it is.

Do Mind Movies work?

Before I answer that question, here is a very short story but it is important and relevant to the answer to the question; Do Mind

How do I get more motivation?

Before we look at getting more motivation let’s briefly look at motivation and the different types. Motivation is the force that makes us do something,

Why is change so difficult?

Change is dam frustrating and holds so many people back. Including me. Every night before going to sleep I write a small to-do list, starting with

5 steps to becoming a Luck Magnet

Luck – that special, elusive something – an invisible, powerful magnet that attracts success, money and love.   We all want it, but how do we

Unconditional love, what a joke!

I’m serious, it seems the desire for unconditional love is everywhere. It features in thousands of quotes on the Internet and it is a key

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