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Statistically, 95% of New Year’s resolutions do not make it past 15th January.

There’s only one New Year’s resolution that I’ve ever stuck too; that was ten years ago. It was too ‘not make any more New Year’s resolutions’, and I haven’t done since.

The biggest problem is our habits. In my most recent newsletter, I was trying to find a metaphor that would show how difficult it is to change or break habits.

This is the metaphor I came up with:

Stopping a habit is like trying to stop an Ocean Liner with a lasso from a rubber dingy.

Pretty good, right?

I thought so. It clearly paints a picture of exactly how hard it is to stop doing something we haven’t done for a very long time. Not only that, we often end up choosing something to stop that we enjoy doing.

‘I’m going to stop eating takeaways.’

Well, that’s an excellent idea. But, the thought of doing it sucks. I know takeaways are not healthy for me. However, I do enjoy them. So the thought of going through January let alone the rest of my life any takeaways really doesn’t have any appeal.

So what do we do instead?

In the video below I explain how we can exploit another part of our subconscious mind. And with this technique just a couple minutes twice a day we can have massive change and enjoy doing it. It is a win/win solution.

When you’ve watched the video, post a couple of your questions in the comments below or on the comments on YouTube. You will know what I mean after you watch the video.

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