Your Inner Wisdom Teacher – Guided Meditation

Imagine if you had your own wise teacher built in as part of who you are. How would your life change?

What is the Inner Wisdom Teacher?

Every now and again in our lives we seek the counsel of a wise teacher, maybe someone we know personally or it could be someone we reach out to online.

They very often help us to make a decision when we struggled to find the answers ourselves.

We learn to trust these teachers in our lives, and we give great weight to their advice and any help they can give especially through difficult times.

An ‘Inner Wisdom Teacher’ is a perceived character deep within ourselves that we can use things like meditation, guided or not to access the answers to questions we struggle to find the answer.

Imagine sitting still for a few moments, and after a short while you would bring a question to your mind. Something like ‘Should I tell my friend that her partner may be cheating on her?’ or ‘Is now the right time to change careers?’

These questions have multiple facets, there is no simple yes and no answer. Both of them have many consequences, and it is unlikely that you will come up with an answer that is comfortable or the right one in every way.

Then after sitting and asking the question for a few moments, you wait for an answer to arise from within. Not from thinking, not from the thinking mind. But from a deeper sense of inner body mind. It’s more of a feeling then it is an intellectual answer.

Sometimes it can take several sittings to get a clearer answer. Your wisdom teacher doesn’t have to answer a specific question, just knowing the teacher is there within will help you to make wiser more skilful decisions.

It’s a way of gaining trust in your decision-making process. Building up your confidence and your ability to discern that not everything is simple.

What Is Your Inner Wisdom Teacher Guided Meditation?

It is simply a guided meditation to help you to find the belief that you do have a wise teacher within. It also guides you through the process of asking the questions, and waiting for the reply.

Your mind often thinks that it can think it’s way out of every problem. However, it is far from that simple and very often it is your mind that got you into many of the situations.

There is a deeper internal wisdom, and this meditation helps you to tap into that wise truth that we all have. Yes, even you have this inner wisdom which is very similar to intuition, or you may even call it a simple feeling. A hunch, or something similar.

When we quieten our thoughts, combine our inner wisdom teacher with the guidance of this meditation we can really get to the bottom of some of the questions that need answering.

  • Should I pack in the job?
  • Should I let my friend know her partner may be cheating on her?
  • Should I say what is currently on my mind?

Now, the last question is interesting. It almost needs an immediate answer and you may not have time to go to the guided meditation, or even go through the process of looking for the answer deeper within yourself.

However, the more you do the meditation the more you can build on the skill of using your inner wisdom teacher and the faster you will become a discerning the deeper questions and believing in yourself to come up with a wise answer. Even in the most pressing circumstances you will be able to find the amount of time you need to tap into your wise teacher.

Please enjoy this guided meditation, bookmark this page and come back often. If you do this every day for seven days, you will find that making decisions will become easier and you will have more confidence in yourself as the wise guru you already are.

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