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Peace of mind

5 Ways to get Peace of Mind Right Now

Before we talk about how to gain peace of mind, perhaps we should look at what peace of mind is. Although we all have a slightly different definition there is a universal form of peace

3 Ways to Find some happiness

3 Ways to Find Happiness RIGHT NOW!!

How is that search for happiness going? If you are anything like me you might describe it as ongoing; it is a constant search for something that is going to make us feel better. We

Meditation Q and A | Do you fall asleep during your meditation?

My guided meditations: Guided sleep meditation, ‘Restoring your True Self’ guided meditation and a simple five-minute grounding meditation with video. Insight timer: 00:50 – Going over the myths about meditation. 01:45 – Falling asleep

Cannot Stop Thinking

Are you addicted to thinking? Can’t stop Thinking?

Help, I can’t stop thinking! Whenever anybody mentions addictions we immediately jump to thinking they mean something like alcohol, drug or sex addiction. Although these are very real and arguably more destructive than many of the

How to cope when things change

Dealing with change – Here is a way to take control

After a relatively recent split up that took me by complete shock (as I had no idea anything was wrong – typical man!) I was left completely numb, I felt nothing and thoughts seemed to vanish as I was in disbelief. But after a few days the thoughts and feelings started to creep back in and then take over. The barrage of emotions and memories was relentless. The pain was real, and far more than I’d experienced before.

I started drinking. Doing anything to find a way to get some sleep. I wasn’t previously a big drinker, for me it would be the occasional beer with a movie or the odd party once a year where I would have a little too much and throw caution to the wind.

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