EP1 – Stillness in the Storms of Life

Podcast length 23 minutes
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Thank you, you are here from the beginning!

That’s huge, in two years time you will be able to tell people that you are one of the founding listeners, and friends of the podcast Stillness in the Storms.

On this episode.

  • What is the podcast about?
  • What does it mean to have a foundation of stillness?
  • Who am I, Steven Webb your host?
  • How can you get the best out of this podcast?
  • This podcast is about you.

It is for you.

Although I want millions of listeners, change the world. Ultimately, this podcast has done its job if you can find more calmness and live in a more peaceful way.

No more regretting your actions, because you make wiser and better decisions.

You will not be caught off guard, and regret later.

It’s about learning to love, understand, and live a life of compassion.

Then you will have genuine freedom, and live your life your way.

How does that sound?

A share would be awesome, Thank you.
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Great, where should I send the meditations?

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