Guided Deep Sleep Meditation by Steven Webb

If you want to listen to the deep sleep meditation, scroll to the bottom.

I confess, I struggled to sleep nearly every night for the past 40 years. It wasn’t until I became so desperate to get a good night sleep that I taught myself how to fall asleep.

In this Guided Deep Sleep Meditation I use all the techniques I learnt, as well as what the military use to fall asleep in under 2 minutes!

Instructions are simple.

  1. Press play on the video or the audio. Audio or video at bottom.
  2. Place your phone or device next to you.
  3. Fall asleep, wake up fresh and full of energy.

Headphones are optional, although if you do use headphones please be careful before falling asleep because if you move around you might get tangled up.

Why is deep sleep so important?

There are several depth of sleep that we go through every night. There is only one that gives us the ability to sort the days thoughts, as well as healing the body. This is deep sleep, and we very often do not get to that depth and that is why although we may feel like we slept well we struggle for energy the next day.

The body needs this deeper sleep for at least a few hours every night, otherwise you find it hard to make decisions, keep energy levels high, stay alert and present, and do the most simplest task around the house.

Did you know missing two hours sleep while driving the car is like driving after drinking 1 pint of beer. So if you miss two hours of sleep three nights in a row, it is not only impossible to catch up contrary to popular belief. But, it is like driving having drunk 3 pints of beer.

So, sleep is important.

I can now fall asleep pretty quickly every night, and I use the technique in this guided deep sleep meditation which clients use all over the world.

I challenge you to listen all the way through to the end, come back to me a comment let me know if you made it all the way through.

Then, if you still Cannot Sleep! You are Probably Making this One Mistake

Here is the Guided Deep Sleep Meditation – Audio Version

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