How do I get more motivation?

Before we look at getting more motivation let’s briefly look at motivation and the different types.

Motivation is the force that makes us do something, and depending on the type and the amount of force compelling us to take action, will ultimately determine how successful the outcome will be.

(Desire + Need) + Result = Motivation

Types of Motivation

Desire or Incentive

When you want something, you are drawn towards it and you will automatically start looking for solutions on how to achieve what you desire.  I’ve included `incentive’ because although it is like someone from the outside dangling a carrot, it ultimately results in something you desire. Otherwise, it would fit in the need or fear category.

An example in this `Desire or Incentive’ category would be losing weight to get into your wedding dress, or a bonus at work to complete a particular project.

Need or Fear

A `need or fear’ is when you have no choice and you are pushed into action because the consequences are ultimately worse than your current position.

An example in this category would be the need to lose weight or give up smoking because your doctor has given you a dire warning.


I put this outside the brackets because although the results of what you are doing will add to your motivation, it came only as a result of one of the first two motivational types. This is the least beneficial and should not be relied upon because it reduces over time in what is known as `diminishing results’. You either get less of a result or the result becomes normal and thus fails to have the desired effect on motivation.

So how do we get more motivation?

You cannot generate a need unless, of course, you put yourself in a position where change is forced upon you. Many do this without knowing or realizing it, but this is not a great tactic, so we will leave the idea at this point.

Desires, on the other hand, are something we can all relate to and we all have, especially as children. As we get older and life starts taking us on its own journey, we forget our desires or put them on hold for numerous reasons, ranging from our belief systems making us think it’s not possible, to more simple excuses like lack of time.

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