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Do Mind Movies work?

Before I answer that question, here is a very short story but it is important and relevant to the answer to the question; Do Mind Movies Work?

Three years ago, I was going through an extremely difficult time. I had just become single which was only part of the problem.

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This was in addition to not being able to move or feel anything below my chest, with limited arm movement and paralysed hands after I broke my neck in a diving accident 23 years ago at age 18. I also had amassed huge credit card bills with benefits being my only income, and a government that wanted to blame the financial crisis on me! Well, it certainly felt like it.

I was shutting down and started drinking just to get some sleep. The only thing I found that I could tolerate was reading; a little strange as I hadn’t read since school some 30 years prior, and at that time I was labelled dyslexic, so I did not see the point.

Cutting a long story into a few months of excellent self-help book-reading later, I was introduced to how the mind works and the difference between our subconscious and conscious minds, and how they interact and ultimately control what we do.

I took a goal-setting course with Bob Proctor which enabled me to focus on what was important rather than what I didn’t have or couldn’t do. (My credit card was completely maxed at this point, but I saw this course as investing in my future.)

It was at this point when I was introduced to ‘mind movies’.

What is a mind movie?

Mind movies work on a similar basis to visual goal-setting boards, where you pin images and concepts of what you want in your life and use it as a reminder to keep on track and work toward your goals, ultimately achieving them.

I confess, I didn’t bother with any visual goal-setting board as I thought that part of the course was just using the `Law of Attraction’, and I don’t totally subscribe to something that simple.

To me, mind movies felt different. I paid my one-time fee and used a simple interface to make a movie. Yes, that sounds like an advertisement, but stay with me for the moment. I inserted my name in the setup for “Mind Movies” to work. It is based on the same principle as a visual goal-setting board but with many added benefits.

Humans are driven by pictures and videos.

If I asked you the question… “Have you been to France?”

Chances are you would immediately visualise an image or video of something you relate to in France, like a picture of the Eifel Tower.

Mind Movies exploits this idea.

So when we are making our own mind movie, we add pictures of how we would like our life to be. As an example, if you want a peaceful and quiet mindfulness life, you add pictures of people meditating or something similar, and add some relaxing music using the interface. Here’s the magic; your mind thinks it’s real!

That’s worth repeating, your mind thinks it’s real!

My movie has images of people exercising, meditating and working hard toward their goals, as well as images of the new wheelchair I would like to purchase one day.

I watch my movie every morning. It’s around three minutes long and this enables my mind to get into that `thinking mode’ of what is important to me.

Do mind movies work?

They did and still do for me now. Whenever I’m going off track, playing games or watching too much TV, one of the first things I notice is that I’d stopped doing my mind movie in the morning.

Is this an advertisement for “Mind Movies“?

Yes and no. Yes, it has an affiliate link which, if you choose to sign up, I will earn some commission and rest assured it will not cost you any more because of that. They just give me a small amount as a `thank you’ for introducing you to the program interface. However, there are millions of affiliate programs out there that I could do an advert for, and I don’t.

My blog isn’t about making money.

I want to be the best person I can be, whether it’s spiritual or anything else. This blog is about giving you the opportunity to also be the best you can be, wherever your `moving road’ takes you.

I chose mind movies because it is something that worked with me. I do believe you will benefit from it.

If you do not want to use my affiliate link then please use the link at the bottom of this page, but if you don’t mind me earning some commission, then I would appreciate if you could use this Mind Movies by Natalie Ledwell.

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