EP8 – How to Control Your Thoughts and Enjoy Inner Peace

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So you like to know how to control your thoughts?

Most of the time, thoughts seem continuous, like as if we are always under attack. Perhaps we don’t need to learn how to control our thoughts, instead just a little peace would be sweet. And of course, controlling those thoughts would be the perfect solution.

Sounds good, me too. Well, during my rock bottom as well as the 12 months I spent in bed following my devastating accident, I did learn ways in which we can have a little peace of mind from our thoughts.
In this episode, I share my rock bottom story, as well as how I occupied my mind in the 12 months after breaking my neck and ending up severely paralysed.

It is not so much that we need to control our minds or even controller thoughts. It is more about learning to let them be what they are, and then give weight to the ones we like and allow the ones we don’t to continue on their way.

Then your subconscious mind will learn eventually the thoughts that you want, as opposed to the thoughts you don’t. It is really like training a puppy, and the puppy doesn’t know you wanted to do. So it just randomly does what it wants to do, on the hope that it pleases you somehow. If you play with it, and you praise it will eventually learn what it can do and what it cannot do.

What do we do instead?

Control of your mind and your thoughts are exactly like this. All the thoughts it gives you are based on what you gave the most weight to in the past. So if you think about a new dress that you saw in the shop window, and it gave you a flood of emotions. Your subconscious mind will provide you with more thoughts regarding that dress.

Just like when you buy a new car, and you think you’ve picked a unique colour. Only to find after that point, there are many other cars on the road that exact colour. Before you had those thoughts, those desires your subconscious mind had no idea you were interested in that colour. So it never bothered bringing that colour to your mind if it was noticed.

With a little practice, we may not learn to control the next thought that comes into our head. However, we can train our mind to give us the thoughts we want. And in a practical way that is just like controlling the puppy, you are learning to control your thoughts.

In this podcast and also in the video, I explain these concepts and also give you hints and tips on how you can have a break from constant thinking.

To help you if you suffer from overwhelm here are 5 Practical Ways You Can Overcome Overwhelm as well as a few more articles to deal with overwhelming thoughts.

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