How to Turn Your Hard Times and Adversity around Quickly

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Very often I get contacted by somebody that needs help to get through hard times. It’s always a hard time, some kind of adversity and never a good phase in life.

It could be suffering with cancer, dealing with PTSD, or emotional pain.

Hey, can you help me through this amazing time of my life. I’m falling in love and I want to get through it as quick as possible.

Yeah, that never happens. We don’t have any problem getting through those times.

Why do you find it so hard to get through your hard times?

The reason we find it so difficult is because we are hardwired to focus on the bad, the negative, and anything else that might harm us.

This is why nearly all political campaigns focus on the negative side of the opposition. They know, you are more likely to vote against something you don’t like then you are to vote for something you do like.

It is easier to hate, than to love.

The more you focus on something the more it persists.  That’s why when we have a hard time, we tend to stay there longer.

Awareness will give you a way through

Awareness is everything,  and becoming aware of why you think the way you do gives you the ability to do something about it.

I’ve recorded a video to give you 5 ways to overcome your adversity and hard times so you can and make them work for you.

Instead of you becoming a victim of circumstances that you have no control over.

Please enjoy, when you finish watching the video let me know in the comments some of the gifts that you found from your hard times.

I would love to feature some of your stories on my life Facebook show.

A share would be awesome, Thank you.

1 thought on “How to Turn Your Hard Times and Adversity around Quickly”

  1. Thank you Steven for the reminder that when things are shit, this is only temporary. I think we need to hear this message again and again. Also to find the gift..(note to on fridge) and thirdly, “you never know what your bad luck has saved you from…” ( note to self…pin this EVERY WHERE! )

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