In life we have choices

In life we have choices; every waking moment is time in which we can ultimately change our destiny.

Sounds over the top or a bit airy-fairy?

You’re damn right is! It’s so crazy that most people simply don’t believe it; which is good, because that leaves it up to a few truly amazing people to really change their lives and the world around them.

Who are they?

I’m talking about you.

Yes, I really do mean you.  Are you really doing what you want to do, have you become what you dreamt of when you were a child, are you recognised for your full worth, what you know you are capable of deep inside? I would bet my bottom dollar that you’d drop any number of things, even your favourite programme on Saturday Night television, in a New York minute if you could instead do what you really want to do.

Success has nothing to do with the big picture, it is to do with a little decisions and sticking to it every day

We spend so much time doing mundane things. We convince ourselves it is what we want to do because we can then justify doing it, and in turn justify not doing the real important stuff. We are constantly waiting for the next big thing to happen – a lottery win, a new TV series to begin, or that small pay rise that isn’t actually worth anything if you work out how much it meant over the week or versus inflation.


We fear doing anything differently, whether it is because we think we’ll be judged for trying or because we may fail, so we take the easy route and never try in the first place.  Whatever our reason for not making changes in our lives, we continually justify it to ourselves.

What happened to the time when we were children, when everything in life was a miracle? Think back to when you were a kid and learnt something new for the first time: it was like someone opened a world of magic which only you were invited to. Those little Eureka moments of knowledge or enlightenment that you couldn’t wait to tell your parents or friends about felt great – so good that you can still remember them today.

You know exactly what you need to do today to become that person you want to be tomorrow, to unlock that awesome person deep inside who has sat dormant for so long, and show the world who you really are, not who the world is made you.

Success is about facing fear and learning from failure and ultimately coming back the next day and doing it again

I’m talking about little decisions that start a bigger journey, like turning the TV off to start writing that book you always wanted to write. I’ve yet to come across a single person who hasn’t got something to teach the world, something to offer, or an interesting story to tell.

You can choose to level up on a game or you can start writing your book. There are only so much time left, on your journey, so make the time you have count!

It is not the big things that change people’s lives, it is those little decisions to do something. Just one more episode, takeaway or late night and eventually it is three months later and nothing has changed!


From this moment make a decision, change something. Grab a piece of paper write your change in bold letters and stick it on the fridge. Even if it is to stop eating cheese!

Level up on candy crush or you can write part of your book success is a choice

Success has nothing to do with the big picture, it is to do with a little decisions and sticking to it every day. It is about facing fear and learning from failure and ultimately coming back the next day and doing it again.

Pat yourself on the back every time you succeed, don’t underestimate how hard it is to change – you should feel good every day you manage it. Remember, if you mess up you don’t start over from the beginning, you start back up from where you stopped! Any progress is good progress.

So, we have choices. Every moment of every day you are choosing between continuing the cycle of what you don’t want to do or making your way towards success.

Which will it be?

What choice are you going to make today? Leave a comment below.

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