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We have all asked or been asked what super power we would like and why. I would normally say invisibility or flying – I know, not very creative really.  When I asked my daughter, she wanted to shoot fire from her hands or read minds.

Imagine if you had a power that would allow you to control other people, to influence every person you meet, change anyone’s mood at any time, or even change their thoughts and feelings in such a way that their whole future is going to be effected.

Now that’s a super power!

In his best-selling book “The Four Agreements” don Miguel Ruiz lists four principles we should practice in order to create love and happiness in our lives. He talks about the ancient Toltec wisdom of the spiritual soldier and how he believes every one of us has this power, and in fact that we use it all the time.

It’s called ‘our word’. Think for a moment how powerful your word is! It has the power to make a child grow up believing they are pretty or ugly, clever or stupid. It can in a swift moment change a person’s day from great to terrible. How many times have you been driving along minding your own business and made a simple mistake like forgetting to use your indicators, then out of the blue an angry driver shouts all kinds of profanities your way.  Or how about if you were driving well and someone else made a mistake that nearly caused you to crash. You start seething inside and later on return home, moaning to your partner which changes their mood for the worse, and they influence the kids’ moods, and finally the mother in law gets an earful for her trouble!

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Whenever you interact with anyone your word is transformed into a feeling. When you argue, preach, care, listen or give something it’s not the thought that they take away… It’s a feeling!

If you had jars on your shelves labelled for example ‘Hate’, ‘Caring’, ‘Loving’, ‘Anger’, ‘Stupid’ or ‘Ugly’ and these were for you to give out on every encounter, which would you give?  As with most things there are rules… you have no time to think ahead of each encounter so the jar must be preselected. You absolutely have to give a jar, and finally you’re guaranteed to get back two or more jars of the same or higher strength than what you give.

You see, these jars are not for them, they are what they will feel about you. You give them the ‘Hate’ jar, and from that moment they will feel hate towards you, and probably even stronger than your initial offering to them.  If you give them friendship and caring and openness, think how much better they’ll feel.  Giving out good jars is really a gift to yourself. Remember, you get two back!

Spend a moment to think what jars your shelves are full of. I know I have a lot of jars with negative emotions. It’s easy to give an angry, frustrated, sarcastic or opinionated insult when someone annoys you or you’re having a bad day, but it’s much harder to send out positive energy even when your day is going well.  Be mindful of what you’re putting out into the world and you’ll soon start to see improvements! You may only have a limited number of good jars, and if you’re like me (or like most people really) and negative experiences have led you to build up a larger number of negative jars on your shelf, it’s time to rebalance and push the bad jars to the back and let them gather dust!

When anyone comes into your life you’ll give them a jar, but always remember they WILL return more of the same back to you.  Be careful not to run out of good jars, the bad ones multiply quicker than you might think.

If you’re stuck for ideas for what to give this Christmas, how about give out some jars of feelings that you want to fill your shelves with.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Steven, I love this jar analogy! So simple to understand this way. I am incorporating this theme on my visualization board for 2015.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thank you. Yes it would make a great contribution to any visualization board, good thinking.

      Appreciate your comment.


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