How to find your happiness in 3 minutes!

Happiness, what is it?

Where is it?

Can I have some of it…?

Wait, wait… slow down. Don’t skip!

It’s right here… YES! 

It’s in the mundane, the normal, going to work, the dishes, taking the children to school or doing the housework. REALLY?


Because, if something goes wrong, your health deteriorates, lose your job or an accident you are going to wish you were right back to the mundane.

Suddenly the mundane is your new baseline for your happiness.

Isn’t happiness up there with job promotions, winning, buying something, lust, desires, new relationship or great sex…?

Nope… That’s amazing, that’s awesome, that’s great things.

They are not sustainable, they are temporary. These things come and go.

Like those game shows with a conveyor belt, where the gifts keep rolling by. And you try to remember them to keep them.

So enjoy them, while they’re there.

Here’s the problem we all want to be up there… All the time!

Trust me, through everything I’ve been through. If you can see your happiness in the every day things then you’ll know true happiness.

Realising this and living from this place, nobody can take away your happiness.

You’re in control of your happiness.

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    1. Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder. It is so true how we will miss the ordinary moments, the gift of even the boredom when things go off kilter due to the crisis, upsets, loss etc. keep inspiring! I will as well I hope.

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