How to STOP Obsessive Overthinking Instantly

You have 30 – 40 thoughts per minute. Yes, according to a recent academic study the average human has around 50,000 individual thoughts every day. It’s mental, literally. Add your emotions. Desires, shame, lust, happiness, guilt,

Which Chakra would you be?

Just for a little bit of fun let’s find out what Chakra you would be? Below is a little quiz that you can take to find out which one you centre around most. We have

If You’re Struggling You NEED to WATCH THIS

Let me tell you something, no matter how much you’re struggling, how hard your life seems right now, you’ve got this! You’ve got this, and I mean that. I know that because you’ve survived everything

Overwhelmed girl, How to deal with overwhelm

5 Practical Ways You Can Overcome Overwhelm

Overwhelmed, tired, have a to do list so long that you’ve stopped writing one out. Everybody’s on your case, whether it’s the kids, the boss or just your overthinking mind. You’re feeling emotionally drained, and

Why you will never find happiness

Why you will never find happiness

For many years I just wanted to be happy. Is that too much to ask? I’m sure you’re no different, the pursuit for happiness is present in everybody.Isn’t it quite reasonable to have a few