I’m struggling what should I do?

Let me tell you something, no matter how much you’re struggling, how hard your life seems right now, you’ve got this! You’ve got this, and I mean that. I know that because you’ve survived everything in your life so far. You’ve been knocked down more than once, you’ve got up and you’ve done something with […]

How to find your happiness in 3 minutes!

Happiness what is it

Happiness, what is it? Where is it? Can I have some of it…? Wait, wait… slow down. Don’t skip! It’s right here… YES!  It’s in the mundane, the normal, going to work, the dishes, taking the children to school or doing the housework. REALLY? Why? Because, if something goes wrong, your health deteriorates, lose your […]

Resolutions Don’t Work | Try this instead, so much easier…

Why New Year resolutions do not work.

Statistically, 95% of New Year’s resolutions do not make it past 15th January. There’s only one New Year’s resolution that I’ve ever stuck too; that was ten years ago. It was too ‘not make any more New Year’s resolutions’, and I haven’t done since. The biggest problem is our habits. In my most recent newsletter, […]

Meditation Q and A | Do you fall asleep during your meditation?

My guided meditations: Guided sleep meditation, ‘Restoring your True Self’ guided meditation and a simple five-minute grounding meditation with video. Insight timer: https://insighttimer.com/ 00:50 – Going over the myths about meditation. 01:45 – Falling asleep during meditation. 04:55 – Do I have to sit on the floor to meditate? 05:40 – Where does are angst […]

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5 Simple Practices for Inner Peace?